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Cici Moss Interiors has been designing beautiful homes along the East Coast, from Boston to the coastal south for the past twenty-four years. Her philosophy– homes should be designed with quality, comfort and truly inviting settings with the utmost attention to detail. Feel and function are the most important elements in any room, and at Cici Moss Interiors their goal is to collaborate these elements with a clients style and budget in a classic and effortless way. We want our clients to feel they’ve “arrived” in their home, a home that is the perfect fit, allowing them to relax and live in a beautiful and functional space.

After studying fashion and design in New York City, Cici moved to Boston and founded Cici Moss Interiors in 1990. Her client base quickly grew as she began designing for clients in Boston, New York, Chicago and some of New England’s prestigious islands; Martha’s Vineyard and Fishers Island. Well known for her passion for color and her keen eye for sourcing and discovering beautiful fabrics from around the world, Cici Moss added to her design palette in 2000 with the creation of a high-end travel bag line, called Tangee, which focused on unique fabrics and Italian leathers.

The Tangee name derived from her namesake grandmother, Constance Luft Huhn, who created a lipstick company in NYC in the 1940’s, which is still sold today. Cici’s Tangee bags were well-received in the press being featured in many national magazines, including In-Style Magazine. Cici sold the line in 2006 to expand Cici Moss Interiors to Charleston, SC. Cici Moss recognized a market opportunity and moved the office to the highly desirable destination city. The Charleston design market has exploded over the past decade. After being in Charleston for ten years and upon her beautiful girls attending college in the Charlotte, NC area, she moved to be closer to them and started an office in the highly desirable Lake Norman area north of Charlotte. Like Charleston, Charlotte has been exploding as well. Here she is focused on her client’s main homes as well as their second mountain homes. “North Carolina is an amazing place to work as a designer. Our resources, furniture and fabrics and craftsmen and women are, bar none, some of the best products and the most talented folks we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!”


“She’s designed a Charleston show house space around a striped fabric she brought back from Paris; punctuated a Boston penthouse with splurge-y Jim Thompson silks; and paired cream-colored furniture with red lacquered walls.”

 – M.S. Lawrence

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